A WiFi replacement for your external Hayes Smartmodem

Now with simulated audio dialing!

The WiFi Retromodem is a non-destructive replacement of the PCB in an external Hayes Smartmodem 1200 or 2400. Note: while it will fit in the later Smartmodems, the LEDs of the Retromodem in the Hayes Optima series aluminum cases are offset slightly from the letters below. The Retromodem is based on the ZiModem software available on Github. A PDF of the README.md file can be found at the bottom of this page.

This new version also supports simulated audio dialing just like a real Smartmodem connected to a phone line. See the video below.

The price is $89 +$6 shipping +$3 PayPal fee +CA tax if applicable.

To order, send an email to info@tattlersolutions.com


Remove the two screws at the back, on the bottom of the Smartmodem.

Remove the rear end-cap using a small standard screwdriver.

Remove old Smartmodem PCB.

Install the WiFi Retromodem in the Smartmodem case. Reattach the rear end-cap. The two screws removed earlier are not used.

Attach the included +5 Volt AC adapter to the WiFi Retromodem. Do not use the original Smartmodem AC adapter as it will either not fit or it could damage the Retromodem. Connect the Retromodem to your computer using a 25 pin serial cable (not included). Run your favorite communication program and set the serial port to: 1200 baud, 1-stop bit, no parity, and no flow control. Plug in the AC adapter and turn on the modem. After a few seconds, the Retromodem will send a startup message to your terminal program and say, “READY.”

To configure the WiFi Retromodem, type AT+CONFIG and select “WIFI” to connect the Retromodem to your network. After you have connected the Retromodem to your WiFi network, try connecting to a BBS by typing ATDT”telehack.com”

Additional modem commands can be found in the README.PDF file located below.