About Us

Tattler Solutions is an engineering services business specializing in consumer electronic product development and manufacturing. We provide hardware design, VHDL FPGA coding, Kicad PCB layout, and iOS and embedded software development. We also sell FPGA and WiFi based replacement hardware for modern and vintage computer and arcade video games.

Scott Swazey, Founder

Scott has over 25 years of experience in consumer electronic hardware development, manufacture, and testing.  He has overseen multiple engineering and hardware development initiatives. While at Tattler Solutions, Scott developed a remote charge monitoring system for the 2008 Telsa Roadster. The success of this product led Tesla, in 2012, to offer in him a position as Senior Manager, Hardware Test. He was responsible for the development of production test hardware and software for the battery, motor, charger, and infotainment systems.  Prior to founding Tattler Solutions and working at Tesla, he spent 18 years developing cell phones at Qualcomm as Director of Engineering. He holds numerous patents, and has a BSEE in Computer Engineering from San Diego State University.

Rick Duffy, Vice President, Business Development

Rick has been a director of several non-profit organizations and has also worked in government. He has been a programmer since 1979 and has proficiency in C, C++, C#, Swift, and assembly language. He is also a DEC PDP-11 collector and hobbyist. He is an avid Scuba Diver and designed a Dive Log App for iOS as part of his Masters Thesis. He has a BS in Biology from University of Connecticut and a MS in Computer Science from Pace University.