Tempest FPGA

A reliable replacement for your original Atari Tempest PCB

Early adopter version

The final version of the Tempest FPGA is taking longer than I expected so I’ve decided to a 2nd run of the early adopter version. There are enough 1st run early adopters on KLOV who can speak to the performance of the product.

Latest Fixes:

  • Game play has improved.
  • Pincushion correction has been added.
  • All dip-switches are set in the multi-config.txt file.
  • The default game can be set.
  • Vector breakout is not supported as per Clay’s request.

The Tempest FPGA is a replacement of your original Tempest PCB. It supports the following games: Tempest, Major Havoc, Omega Race. Upright, cabaret and cocktail Tempest cabinets are supported, with screen flipping for the cocktail version. An additional $10 harness is required for cocktail cabinets. The multigame supports both horizontal and vertical monitors. Just set the switch for the orientation of the monitor in your cabinet. You can play all games in either orientation. Wells Gardner 6100 pincushion correction has been added to all games. The dip switches for all games are in the “multi-config.txt” file on the microSD card. High scores are saved in EEPROM. No game ROMs are included, you will need to load them onto the microSD card. Multigame FPGA image updates are handled the same way, just copy the new “multi-auth.img” file onto the microSD card.

Known issues of the TempestFPGA for the early adopters:

  • The sound is not perfect on MH.
  • The sounds and colors are designed to be perfect when playing Tempest, so the Major Havoc colors are slightly different because they are using the Tempest color palette.
  • Quantum is still not supported.
  • Omega race high score is not reliably saved.
  • The Omega race text may collapse on some late model 6100 monitors with input protection.
  • The video has some quality issues: Not all long lines meet without a gap. Some 6100 monitors show more squiggles than others. Please ensure the HV unit has its shield installed.

When the production version is completed, I will offer a reasonably priced upgrade to the latest version. You will be required to send in your board, so please keep the original shipping box as it is the lowest cost way to return it.

As always, game ROMs are not included. As shipped, Tempest FPGA will show “NO ROMS” when first installed.

ROMs supported by this hardware…

The TempestFPGA supports V1, V2 and V3 Tempest ROMs, including Tempest tubes. Only one version of Tempest can be active. Vector breakout has been specifically disabled as per Clay’s request.

Major havoc:
The standard ROMs and Return to Vax ROMs are supported. The hardware will support the future ROM release of Major Havoc, the promised end. Cocktail mode was never supported on the original ROMs, but will be added to the promised end ROMs. A configuration setting has been added to increase the gain of the Tempest spinner (vs the real roller). On original hardware (i.e. a Tempest MH conversion), without this setting, major havoc is unplayable at the higher levels using the Tempest spinner.

Omega Race:
All versions of omega race ROMs are supported. The sound is summed left and right into a single mono channel as Tempest cabinets do not support stereo.

The price is $749+ $7 s/h + $24 PayPal fee + (CA Sales Tax, if applicable).

Send an email to info@TempestFPGA.com to order.

Installation instructions can be found here:

Video of TempestFPGA

Link to KLOV announcement thread

*** New Product Announcement ***
Tempest FPGA for Space Duel

A reliable replacement for your original Atari Space Duel PCB

Early Adopter Pre-Order

TempestFPGA for Space Duel uses the same FPGA board and VHDL code, but with a different interface board for the Space Duel cabinet.
It supports the following games:

  • Space duel
  • Gravitar
  • Black widow (requires control panel swap) Not supported
  • Asteroids Delux
  • Tempest (requires a Tempest spinner to be installed)
  • Omega Race (requires a Tempest spinner to be installed)
  • Major Havoc (requires a Tempest spinner to be installed)

Send an email to info@TempestFPGA.com to pre-order.

The price will be $749 + $7 s/h + $24 PayPal fee + (CA Sales Tax, if applicable).

The installation is the same as the Tempest cabinet

Video of TempestFPGA for Space Duel

Link to KLOV announcement thread